06 Jan

Is doing nothing an option?

By AndrewAdvertising, BrandComments are off

Often I get a sense when I am meeting prospective clients and discussing new business that they have the attitude, “It isn’t bust so we’ll keep doing what we are doing.” But in the next breath an admission that business is OK but not breaking records. So there is a choice: accept the status quo

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18 Dec

If an ad is worth doing at least do it well!

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Advertising is everywhere we look. We are bombarded with messages. (I won’t bore you with the stats) Frans, our digital marketing guru, has a great story. He attended a course recently and the guy taking the course asked the attendees who came in via Waterloo, he wanted to check how observant they were. He said

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17 Dec

Tips from Father Christmas

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As we head into another New Year, it’s good to take time to review the business practices of successful individuals and businesses to see what lessons can be learnt. However, we shouldn’t forget the huge success story that happens every year – right under our noses! Father Christmas is a tough act to follow. Worldwide

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